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About Us

The business was founded in 1958 by Paul H. Henry. Originally it was a wholesale lumberyard named “Lumberman’s Supply Company Inc.”. In the early 1960’s it was changed to a retail lumberyard and then the name was changed in the mid 1970’s to “Henry Lumber Company Inc.”.

In 1961 Paul’s son Jack S. Henry joined his father in the family business. Sadly they only worked together for a short time because Jack died at an early age in 1965. Paul continued to the business alone until his grandson Jack S. Henry II joined him in 1970. Jack graduated from the University of Toledo prior to joining his Grandfather.


In 1981 Paul and Jack decided to relocate the main showroom and offices to the east end of Quarry St.. Paul began phasing himself out throughout the early to mid 1980’s. In May of 1986 Paul suffered a stroke and never recovered and died on the 31st. Jack was left as sole operator. Soon after in July of 1986 Jack’s son Michael S. Henry began working part time in the summers at the age of 13.


Michael worked every summer and Christmas break until he graduated from The Ohio State University in 1996. Michael began his full time employment that summer. Michael worked in the yard for several years then moved to truck driver and then to yard foreman. Jack and Michael have been jointly running the business for the past several years as Michael moved to the office to take over the accounting.


Over the past several years Jack has been taking off more and more time to ease himself into retirement but still comes in everyday when he’s in town. He still enjoys working and doesn’t want to quit entirely. Michael currently makes a majority of the daily operational decisions with his father’s guidance.


Michael has two sons that are too young to work at the lumberyard yet but there is a chance a 5th generation could continue on the family business.

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